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A beauty, fashion and lifestyle showcase under one roof. The 4-day weekend beauty, fashion and lifestyle showcase is a celebration of independent, entrepreneurial local and international brands alongside cool, affluent counterparts, including educational masterclasses facilitated by leading South African health, beauty and fashion experts. Driven by a carefully planned social media marketing and advertising campaign, the weekend showcase aims to attract an upwardly mobile target audience drawn to unique and bespoke fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends. The showcase runs from Thursday through to Sunday. Brands will feature in a luxe, uber stylish and diligently organized space.


The Style Loft concept was born from a need to have shopping experience where bespoke beauty, fashion and lifestyle businesses could exhibit for a limited time in an upmarket, luxury environment, complementing their brand. Managed and owned by Haute Hayah founder Halima Patel, The Style Loft launched the very first two popup events in 2018 in Sandton Johannesburg. Multiple events followed in 2019 and 2020, and have been a phenomenal success, that has firmly established the Style Loft pop-up events as one of the leading pop-up exhibitions in Johannesburg, targeting a niche market.


Halima Patel

Halima’s initial challenge was going against the accepted cultural stereotype of ‘a woman’s place is in the home.’ Her path to independent business success was littered with a plethora of raised eyebrows. She began her entrepreneurial journey selling holiday timeshare in 2001. After almost a decade in this business, she decided that she needed another challenge and opened the first Milky Lane in Sandton City in 2008. Working within the confines of a franchise taught her invaluable lessons in managing every aspect of a business framed with the strictest checks and controls. Halima created the Haute Hayah brand of fashionable modestwear importing a curated collection of high quality/high fashion ladies clothing. As an online business, Halima realized that the HH brand would need to be showcased. Unable to find a suitable vista for displaying her collection, and having consulted with a number of similarly exclusive products, she launched her fist pop-up with 11 brands @ Sandton City in 2017. This initial event proved very successful and created a platform for ambitious, primarily female owned home-businesses. The luxe environment targeted a wellheeled, niche client base.


• Branded Make-up
• Natural / Organic Skincare
• Branded Skincare
• Haircare
• Aesthetics
• Male grooming products
• Skin & Body Fragrance


• Men & Women Local & Imported Fashion
• Modest wear
• Ethnic Fashion
• Shoes
• Accessories
• Swimwear
• Occasion Wear


• Home décor
• Home Fragrance
• Appliances
• Cookware
• Kitchen Accessories
• Table Linens
• Del & Pantry Items
• Pastries & Confectionery
• Flowers
• Customized Gifting


The primary goal for The Style Loft is to showcase unique and exclusive brands and products to an upmarket target audience composed of men and women, 25-60 years of age, who have enough discretionary income to purchase our partner’s products. The men and women in our target market share common qualities that make them important prospective buyers. They often make purchases to reflect their attitudes, desirabilities and lifestyles. Our target customer is comprised of adults who value an active lifestyle and strive for success, who is fashion forward and trend conscious, needing most up-to-date, exclusive fashion, homeware, beauty and lifestyle products and accessories. The primary target market for the event are well heeled men and women who are focused on individuality, self-expression and creativity.